Home on the Range Body Wash (smell like happiness)

Home on the Range Body Wash (smell like happiness)


  • Smells like clean laundry, fresh cut grass, and ripe blackberries, designed to conjure memories of your favorite Summer
  • Made with natural ingredients, 100% vegan, never tested on animals, and just all-around amazing stuff.
  • A bottle you can be proud to have in your shower... you know, for whomever happens to be in your shower (I'm not going to get into your business, ok?)
  • Made by the fine folks at Outlaw Soaps, a tiny little soap company in Gold Country, California, by people who love their jobs

Your boots in the grass. The breeze all around you, yet nowhere in particular, bringing the smell of the laundry from across the yard. But you’re picking late-season blackberries, so thick and ripe they fall into your fingers.

It’s your day. And it’s all ok.

And it’s the beginning of a wonderful life.