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About Us

Hey Darlin!

About Me!  Here We Go!!!  

I’m Kim! 

I really am just a simple girl!  I have been married to my love muffin for over 22 years now!  Damn! Wow! I’m also a fur baby mama to 2 dogs and 2 cats – AND if you’re a southern gal you know if anyone tries to hurt our family – WE WILL CUT YOU! 

Being from The Lone Star State, I pretty much LOVE all things outdoors!  Huntin, Fishin, Shootin, Classic Country Music and I cannot leave out My Dallas Cowboys!!!    

How did this all come about?  For starters – I get tired of shoppin’ in the mens department of Academy just to find somethin’ Comfy And Cute that I would wear!  I’m not the fancy dressin’ type! I’m a jeans and t-shirt kind of gal – but occasionally I do like to spiffy up! (Only when I have to!)  Problem was – there wasn’t a lot out there!

So…BAM!  Here We Are!  Outlaws and Angels Boutique!  We are Sweet with a Whole Lotta SPICE!  We love Jesus but we cuss a little bit!  Nothin’ nut Love for our Southern Pride!

With a Bad Ass selection of Graphic Tee’s (some classy, some trashy!), Trendy Country Girl Clothing and Unique Accessories and Gifts – we have somethin’ for every attitude!